Symptoms Of Manic Depression

Symptoms Of Manic Depression And Bipolar Depression

Manic depression or bipolar depression is not an uncommon disease. About 5.7 million Americans are suffering from mild to medium manic depression. Manic depression consists of abnormally elevated moods. Actually manic means high and depression means low (state of mind). And manic depression means the combination of these alternative moods in a person. Sometimes these moods can be separated by normal periods and sometimes depression and mania can alternate rapidly.

Manic depression is common in both man and woman and found in all the ethnic groups around the world. It consists of two opposite states of mind. As such, symptoms of manic depression consists of two opposite sets, one high (manic or hypo manic) set and one low set (depressive). The symptoms of manic depression can be mild, medium or severe in both manic and depressive state.

Symptoms of Manic depression are-

Huge increase in energy

Less need for sleep

Concentrating ability goes down, can be distracted easily

Becoming aggressive and intolerant

High attraction for sex

Unrealistic believe and poor judgment

Thoughts are just racing in the mind and talking quickly

Severe symptoms include experiencing psychosis and breaking with reality.

According to mental health experts, if three or four of the above mentioned symptoms are occurring nearly every day, then it indicates that the person is experiencing manic episodes.

Symptoms of Manic Depression Results-

Symptoms of Manic Depression

Symptoms of Manic Depression


Feeling sad, anxious and worthless

Loss of interest in all things even the activities once enjoyed.

Sleeping too much

Change of appetite

Always thinking about the negative side of everything

Occurrence of mild to moderate symptoms of  manic depression and depressive episode is called Hypomania. Severe symptoms can lead to psychosis (hallucination and delusion). Sometimes these symptoms (both manic and depressive) occur simultaneously, which normally confirms the severe state of the diseases. Symptoms of manic depression can cause serious effects to both men and women of all ages, so it is recommended to treat it at initial stages.

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