Stages Of Depression

Stages Of Depression And Grief

Are there any stages of depression? How and when they come and what is the worst stage? A depressed person can get worried sick by thinking about them. But the truth is there are no distinguished stages of depression. Depression varies from one person to another depending on age, sex, culture, past history etc. every individual is unique, and so is their depression. Too many variables are associated with depression as such it is quite impossible to differentiate this illness in various stages.

Different Stages Of Depression

All the symptoms of depression can attack at once or can come in turns. A teenager would experience this illness in a different way than an adult person. Yet, we can categorize particular types of depression and list the common symptoms associated with them. Some examples of different depression are major depression, bipolar depression, prenatal and postpartum depression, seasonal affective disorder etc. Some common symptoms include anxiety, fear, hopelessness, difficulty in making decisions, slow reactions, irresponsible behavior, sleep disturbance etc.

As I have mentioned, there are no specific stages of depression. The symptoms may vary depending on the situation. Depression can cause serious damage to one’s confidence. He or she can be consumed by pessimistic thoughts and start thinking about suicide.

Facts About Stages of Depression

Stages of Depression

Stages of Depression

Depression is a curable disease. Do not underestimate its abilities. Prolonged depression can cause irreversible damage to your personality and make you feel like you are living in hell. Our life is short; passing time with depression is nothing but a waste. So take it seriously and try every means necessary to overcome the disease. Truthfully there is not particular list of stages of depression, depression is unique to every individual.

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