Depression And Brain

Depression And Brain

As we all know, our brain is the commander in chief of our body. Every decision is made in our brain. Our thoughts, emotions and reactions all are controlled by the brain. Scientists researching depression related disorders tend to look at different aspects of brain functions like the arrangements of limbic system and the role of neurotransmitters in our nervous system.

Progresses have been made in the field of understanding brain functions and with that various biological causes of major depression are beginning to unfold. Like the role of hormones, genes and neurotransmitters in the development of depression.

Depression And Brain: Aspects

Here is a brief description of different aspects of  depression and brain. First let us know about the limbic system. This part of our brain controls our emotions, thoughts, stress response and other basic functions like sleep, appetite, sexual drive etc. it also governs the pituitary gland and key hormones. The activities of limbic system are so delicate that even a little fluctuation in the functions of neurotransmitters in any part of the system can change your mood completely.

Another area influencing major or clinical depression is the endocrine system. This system comprises of small glands which release hormones in our blood circulation according to different situations. Our sexual development and stress responses are directly responsible to this system. Any disturbance in hormone levels can initiate clinical depression. The hypothalamus connects the endocrine system to the brain. Any disorder present in those organs can produce severe depressive problems. Some hormones like cortisol if presented in the blood excessively can cause clinical depression. Another important thing is the neurotransmitters. They are the means of transferring all messages between brain’s nerve cells, called neurons. All though it is still unknown how these neurotransmitters affects our mood but scientists believe that these are responsible for a lot of depressive disorders.

Relationship Between Depression And Brain

Depression And Brain

Depression And Brain

The brain controls our thoughts, emotions and stress reactions. We hope soon the scientists would find out the complete picture of the relation between depression and brain chemistry. Studies shows that depression and brain are closely related to each other, so it is important to treat it as soon as possible.

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