Depression And Anger

Depression And Anger

There is an old saying, “depression is anger turned inward”. Anger is a powerful weapon of our mind against stress and threat. People suffering from various depressive disorders feel angry at themselves or angry at others alternatively.

Let us find out the connection between depression and anger. When we get angry, hormones like adrenaline and cortisol are released in our blood. The energy and aggressive feelings we get from anger is the outcome of those hormones reaction. And when the process gets out of control, these excess hormones present in our body creates an imbalanced situation that our brain fails to cope with.

Various studies have shown that anger feeds depression. When you feel angry, you intend to pass the pain generated by anger to others. Your boss shouts at you, and then you shout to others, making a chain along the way. But when the sensation is gone, you feel pity upon yourself.

Fight Depression and Anger

There are various ways of anger management that would also help you fight depression. Some well known techniques are relaxing technique like breathing or visualization, cognitive restructuring (changing dramatic thoughts in to rational ones), following a plan, good communication, using humor etc. Another good way to calm your mind is to use Buddhist mindfulness techniques.

Precautions to Stop Depression And Anger

Depression and Anger

Depression and Anger

You can use some precautions to stop anger feeding depression. You can avoid situations and things that make you mad, keep a journal about how you feel at times, express yourself calmly rather than shouting.

The exact relation between depression and anger is still unclear. But, if you can control your anger there is a better chance that you can overcome depression, too.  Depression and anger are so closely tied together that it can be hard to figure out where one ends and where the other begins.

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