Alcohol And Depression

Alcohol And Depression: Alcoholism Addiction Side Effects

Alcohol and depression are related to each other. Different studies have shown that alcohol can cause depression. A common misbelieve is that alcohol can wash away the depression, rather it worsens the situation. About forty percent of the people who drink alcohol have some kind of symptoms of depressive illness. Serotonin and nor epinephrine levels in our body get lowered by drinking alcohol. These two chemicals are responsible for feeling normal, feeling well. Normally antidepressants help to keep the levels of these chemicals up, but drinking alcohol for long time can lower the levels up to zero making it difficult for the medications to help.

Relationship Between Alcohol And Depression

Alcohol and depression can be a perfect combination for destroying anyone’s life. Don’t get fooled by the initial euphoric sensations produced by alcohol. Alcohol is a kind of drug. People sometimes use it to get rid of the present stress and emotions. But in the long run like all the other drugs, it just makes the situation worse for you. Drinking too much alcohol causes various weaknesses in your body. This in turn Piles more resources for your mind to feel depressed.

Alcohol And Depression: Facts

Alcohol And Depression

Alcohol And Depression

Alcohol and depression both are harmful for our personality. Depression is normally a long lasting sadness, hopelessness that consumes our self-esteem. On the other hand, drinking alcohol makes us dependent on it, making a sensation that without a drink our mind won’t work.

So, be careful about alcohol and depression. And leaving alcohol would be a big help in recovering depression for you.

If you are suffering bouts of depression because of your drinking, perhaps it’s time you seek professional treatment, as well as alcohol addiction recovery services afterwards.

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