Stages Of Depression

Stages Of Depression And Grief Are there any stages of depression? How and when they come and what is the worst stage? A depressed person can get worried sick by thinking about them. But the truth is there are no distinguished stages of depression. Depression varies from one person to another depending on age, sex, [...]

Causes Of Depression

Causes of Depression Although there is no specific cause of depression has been discovered, there are some factors believed to involved: Heredity: The likelihood of developing depression may be linked to heredity; there is some evidence that depression may run in families. A 2004 press release from the National Institute of Mental Health states, Major [...]

Symptoms of Depression

Symptoms of Depression The symptoms of depression are often so extensive that it can be difficult to understand exactly what it is. Many of these anxiety symptoms may be characteristic of other conditions, making it even more difficult to ascertain if one is suffering from depression. Many physical symptoms of depression originate in mental patterns. [...]

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