Alcohol And Depression

Alcohol And Depression: Alcoholism Addiction Side Effects Alcohol and depression are related to each other. Different studies have shown that alcohol can cause depression. A common misbelieve is that alcohol can wash away the depression, rather it worsens the situation. About forty percent of the people who drink alcohol have some kind of symptoms of [...]

Employment And Depression

Employment And Depression High-stress employers are often reluctant to hire employees with a history of  Depression, though not doing so could be seen as a form of illegal discrimination. For example, the U.S. Military Standards disallow more than six months of treatment for Depression before someone becomes ineligible. Nevertheless, a waiver is possible in some [...]

Symptoms of Depression

Symptoms of Depression The symptoms of depression are often so extensive that it can be difficult to understand exactly what it is. Many of these anxiety symptoms may be characteristic of other conditions, making it even more difficult to ascertain if one is suffering from depression. Many physical symptoms of depression originate in mental patterns. [...]

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