Depression And Anger

Depression And Anger There is an old saying, “depression is anger turned inward”. Anger is a powerful weapon of our mind against stress and threat. People suffering from various depressive disorders feel angry at themselves or angry at others alternatively. Let us find out the connection between depression and anger. When we get angry, hormones [...]

Social Anxiety Treatment

Social Anxiety Treatment: Cures We often get nervous in new situations. Get afraid thinking that we might make a fool of ourselves in front of a lot of people. This is normally the root of social anxiety disorder. This shyness gets so heavy upon us that we do whatever necessary to avoid getting in to [...]

Symptoms Of Manic Depression

Symptoms Of Manic Depression And Bipolar Depression Manic depression or bipolar depression is not an uncommon disease. About 5.7 million Americans are suffering from mild to medium manic depression. Manic depression consists of abnormally elevated moods. Actually manic means high and depression means low (state of mind). And manic depression means the combination of these [...]

Depression Effects

Depression Effects: Side Effects Of Depression The way of life is getting harder and harder day by day. As a result, we are getting more familiar with depression related disorders. Depression can be a harassing disease. Serious depressive disorders can crush your social life completely. The effects of depression can be found in all aspects [...]

How To Overcome Depression – Natural Depression Treatment Cures

Treating Depression Without Drugs – Natural Cures Get your happiness back, start here.  One of the byproducts of our contemporary isolated life is depression. Depression can have devastating effects on our mind and body, the activities that we used to enjoy with friends and family could become lifeless. Taking anti-depressants such as Prozac can be [...]

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