Depression Statistics

Depression Statistics – Facts. Teen Depression Depression Statistics are overwhelming, below are some important facts to bring some awareness inside you.Depression is a mental disease. You feel prolonged sadness, frustration, anxiety etc. when suffering from depression. Most of the people suffering from depression don’t seek medical attention. The reason for that is they don’t pay [...]

Depression And Brain

Depression And Brain As we all know, our brain is the commander in chief of our body. Every decision is made in our brain. Our thoughts, emotions and reactions all are controlled by the brain. Scientists researching depression related disorders tend to look at different aspects of brain functions like the arrangements of limbic system [...]

Postpartum Depression Symptoms

Postpartum Depression Symptoms: Medication Postpartum for a woman means the period just after the child birth. Having a child should be a wonderful sensation. But, rather in postpartum period almost all the women suffer depression with varying range. Normally 25% to 85% of postpartum women suffer from mild depression called postpartum blues. About 1% to [...]

Mood Disorders

Mood Disorders    A mood disorders is defined as condition where the general emotional mood is improper and distorted due to some situations. However there are many people that do not understand how serious this disease is. There are two main kind of mood disorders depression (or unipolar depression) and bipolar disorder: a)   Depression (or unipolar [...]

Depression Types

Depression Types The diagnostic category referred to as Major Depressive Disorder appears in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders of the American Psychiatric Association. Although the term is not commonly used in countries that use the ICD-10 system, the diagnosis of depressive episode is similar to an episode of major depression. Clinical Depression [...]

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