Alcohol And Depression

Alcohol And Depression: Alcoholism Addiction Side Effects Alcohol and depression are related to each other. Different studies have shown that alcohol can cause depression. A common misbelieve is that alcohol can wash away the depression, rather it worsens the situation. About forty percent of the people who drink alcohol have some kind of symptoms of [...]

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder Bipolar disorder is a type of illness that describes great changes in behavior, energy, mood, thoughts and the ability to function. However, it is a curable disease. The illness is not a character of imperfection or a personal weakness; it is when a person has a mood change between the mania (highs) and [...]

Causes Of Depression

Causes of Depression Although there is no specific cause of depression has been discovered, there are some factors believed to involved: Heredity: The likelihood of developing depression may be linked to heredity; there is some evidence that depression may run in families. A 2004 press release from the National Institute of Mental Health states, Major [...]

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