Signs Of Depression

Signs Of Depression In Women And Men

Do you know the signs of depression? If not, then learning about these signs can help you in a lot of ways. You can measure your attitude and contact your doctor soon enough to treat yourself. You may also find people around you who are suffering depression and needs medical attention. If you have a good knowledge about the signs of depression, you will be able to help them a lot.

Feeling sad time to time is natural, the struggle of life is not always enjoying. Feeling sad and depressed is a natural reaction to all the bad things that happen in our life. But if the sadness prolongs for a long period of time, interfering with the normal way of our life, then it is time, to consult a doctor.

Facts About Signs Of Depression

According to national institute of mental health, signs of depression include physical and mental symptoms. Physical signs are fatigue, decreased energy, insomnia, morning sickness, loss or gain of weight without any effort, headaches and cramps. And the mental signs are difficulty in concentrating, easily distracted, sadness and hopelessness, withdrawal from friends and family, feeling worthless, no interest in any kind of works even those once enjoyed, suicidal thoughts. Experiencing five or more signs mentioned above for more than two weeks indicates that the person is suffering from depression.

Watch Yourself For Signs Of Depression

Signs Of Depression

Signs Of Depression

Depression can seriously hamper our confidence and self-esteem. It takes a lot of time to regain lost confidence. So, the early you start treatment (for depression), the better. Watch yourself and if you find signs of depression, do not hesitate to take necessary steps.

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