Depression Statistics

Depression Statistics – Facts. Teen Depression

Depression Statistics are overwhelming, below are some important facts to bring some awareness inside you.Depression is a mental disease. You feel prolonged sadness, frustration, anxiety etc. when suffering from depression. Most of the people suffering from depression don’t seek medical attention. The reason for that is they don’t pay much attention to the disease. Well, they should see the depression statistics. The stats may change their mind.

Depression Statistics Counts

Each year about 15 million adult Americans suffer from clinical depression. That is 8% of American population of age 18 and over. About 3% or 6 million Americans suffer from manic depression or bipolar depression each year. The population affected by depression is increasing each year. And specialists predict that by 2020, depression would become the 2nd most common health problem throughout the world. So you see the depression statistics shows how alarming the situation is becoming.

There are some other interesting stats. Women fall victim to depression about twice often as men do. About 12% of women will suffer clinical depression over their lifetime. If you are a woman, you should be more cautious about depression. About 80% of the people suffering from depression now are not receiving any kind of medical treatment. Depression is the number one cause of suicides. Depression also weakens your immune system making you vulnerable for physical diseases.

Depression Statistics Treatment Facts

Depression Statistics

Depression Statistics

Don’t get afraid of those depression statistics. There are some good stats too. Depression is very much treatable. There are a lot of treatment options available. And about 80 to 90 percent people find relief using them. Don’t get worried if you are experiencing any symptoms of depression, you can surely cure it just like any other disease. While these depression statistics  can amaze you, however you should not leave hope from therapies.

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